Interview mit Melvin Reeds

Interview mit Melvin Reeds

Adrian Melvin in front of his Reeds

Interview mit Melvin Reeds

Wir möchten Euch unsere Lieferanten etwas näher bringen. Deshalb haben wir einen kleinen Fragebogen an unseren Reed-Lieferanten „Melvin Reeds“ geschickt.
Hier seht ihr was dabei rauskam:

Question: Who is Adrian Melvin? Where are you from?
Answer: I am from Dundee, Scotland. I started learning piping from my father, Kenneth T Melvin and was later taught by PM Ian Duncan of the Vale of Atholl. I have played in bands for over 35 years mostly at the Grade 1 band level. I was fortunate to win the World Pipe Band Championships with the Victoria Police pipe band in 1998.

Question: When, why and how did you start making your own reeds?
Answer: I started learning how to make pipe chanter reeds during my stay in Australia about 1993 onwards from Bill Travaille who had a wealth of knowledge for reedmaking and also helped Mike Gilmour. I wanted to learn how to make reeds so I could have my bagpipe entirely playing my reeds.

Question: How does the idea of selling your own reeds came up?
Answer: I have taught for many years but I have always wanted to have my business in reedmaking as I was fascinated with the MacAllister family of reedmakers.

Question: Where in this world Melvin Reeds are being played?
Answer: My reeds are played all over the world including  North America, UK, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

Question: What are your aims for the next 5 years?
To add to my product line which currently is Pipe chanter reeds and cane drone reeds. 

Question: If you could start again, with the knowledge you have know – would you do everything exact the same way?
Answer: In hindsight I would approach the making of machinery differently because your tooling has to be custom made .

Question: Can you tell me in one sentence what „Melvin Reeds“ are standing for?
Answer: The reeds are made to have a high precision sound with consistency of product maintained by a rigorous quality assurance process.

Interview mit Melvin Reeds

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